Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ramblings of a Sloppy Mind

Just about an hour ago I sat down to the computer because I thought I felt the urge to write.

Wasn't sure what I wanted to create but then again, I rarely do until my fingers start hitting keys.

I opened up Facebook and thought to myself " can shoot out a post and see who wants to tell you that they're there." At the very least I thought I'd see if anyone else felt the earthquake that shook us at 5:37 this morning.

A quick internet search found an earthquake article from the local ABC affiliate so I did a quick read and then posted it to my account.

Did anyone see it?

Did anyone care?

Am I alone on the www?

So why do I want to write? Loneliness. It has to be that.

How can a man with kids, a wife, friends, and neighbors be so damn lonely? I can't be.

I am.

Hiding inside me is a monster. It's creepy, sneaky, and well camouflaged....but it's there. I've known about it for a long time.

I've tried to warn others and felt my super powers could destroy it. Sadly, I'm a daydreamer and none of this is real.

But IT is.

Give the monster a name and it becomes real. Show it any mercy and it grows. Becomes completely entrenched. Starts spreading to loved ones.

I'm rambling like a fool but that's what it wants me to do. Can't concentrate on a cure if I can't concentrate enough to start concentrating.

So very not confused but wish I was.

God help me.

Disturbed by the lack of disturbances so as to become disturbing.

Derrick Coleman was me and I was not him.

Well.....that was....................interesting.

Just realized I had low blood sugar so I ate 5 mini muffins and a half bag of chocolate Teddy Grahams. Feeling much happier now.


I love sweet tea. Mint tea. Minty. Min-T

Still rambling.

I have to fold clothes now.


Colon right parenthesis.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Birthday Wishes

OK. I'm turning 45 in a few days. What do I want? Well, from my family, that's pretty simple.

1. I don't want to cook and I want good meals. If it's fast and simple then you haven't done enough. Cereal is not breakfast either f.y.i.

2. Potty training takes a day off for the birthday boy.

3. Anyone but me will wash dishes. I don't care who else does it. Not Katie though. She's only 2.

4. The house could be picked up! Same goes for the piles and trash. We don't want to be on Hoarders, do we?

5. Zero noise pollution. Shhhhhhh!

6. Gifts should be electronic and not made for cooking purposes. It's not my dream to be a chef.

7. If I get a fun gift let me use it in peace! No guilt for playing with my toys would be nice too.

8. See #1 again. Don't forget I put that there for a reason. Chop chop.

9. No arguing by anyone. I want harmony and it's my birthday. I am right all day long too.

10. Don't ask me what I want to do for my birthday. We can't afford what I want to do so just use my top ten list to make me happy. Seriously. When we win Powerball this list will look MUCH different.

That's it. I'm a simple guy with simple desires. If there is one reason why my desires should be followed it is this: I'm halfway to 90 so be nice to me.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

It's been a year since I posted a blog entry!

Did I miss writing a blog? Have I been occupied with life? Do I want to say something?

The truth is this: I'm sitting next to my 22 month old daughter as she pounds the kitchen table with two toys and I'm more worried about what she's about to do than if I can finish this sentence with any clarity. Katie is a pip and a half and more able to get into trouble than ever before. Case in point, she just tried to climb onto the very same table she's hitting. I got her off the chair she stood on and now she's climbing up the stairs. This is too much. I need a vacation!

I'd like to write a book but my life as the stay at home dad just makes that task too daunting. I know it's my loss and it will be a regret I'll always have. Finding time for me just comes with too many holes to fill for everyone else. If my life came to an end suddenly, I'm not stupid enough to believe that the world around me would crumble. I just feel that everyone who matters to me needs me to be me more than they need me to be a writer. In other words, I don't think my writing will make the world better for anyone else.

No pity party is intended by this. The life I chose for myself came with parameters I understood and accepted. I made a vow to do this job and I take integrity seriously. I know many other folks look at life's responsibilities as a series of plastic bags; convenient to throw away as soon as they're not needed. I don't share that view and quite frankly, I find it disturbing. It's also a lifestyle that makes me angry.

A bunch of life events have hit me at once and to not think of them is challenging. My daughters are amazingly able to keep me focused on them (they rarely leave me alone) and the worries I have about life manifest themselves in pre-sleep visions as I lay my head down at night. I'll write these all down at some point but even now, Katie is tearing up the playroom and I have that sixth sense telling me she's about to set the house on fire or at the very least give herself a boo boo. Once again, my world interferes with blogging. This sounds way too familiar.

I don't know if my next entry will come in 2014, but I'd like to think I can crank these out more frequently. If, when, where, and why are questions needing to be answered first. Well, right after I change the diaper that's hanging so close to the ground I'm amazed that Katie isn't using it in conjunction with her legs as a tripod.

Later. I think.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I often look at photos of my children and try to remember what they were like at the time the photos were taken. Do I remember the sound of their tiny voices? What were their favorite snacks? How much space did I have in the house back then; before the toys took over? My mind tries to comes up with answers but I rarely get them. I suppose that if we were meant to hold onto all the information we constantly take in, our heads would be full before our 1st birthday. Information in means some memories get pushed out. Wouldn't it be great to be able to decide what you are going to forget? Life might be easier if that happened. Here's my big question: is the terrible stuff really worth keeping?

Friday, August 10, 2012


If Facebook is a venue to share our likes and comments, when is it acceptable to tell your friends that you dislike their posts?

Is there a wait and see approach that you need to adhere to; where you let others make affirmative comments before you slam your "friend" for having the mental capacity of a banana?

Can you just jump on someone immediately for his/her incessant need to post every detail including what their preferred brand of toilet paper is? I find myself wanting to un-friend people just because they post so often.

I'm also getting really frustrated with all my "friends" who feel the need to tell me how much they hate President Obama. I understand they are staunch Republicans who blindly follow party talking points, but could they just take a look at who they are supporting rather than who they want out of office? Mitt Romney WILL SAY ANYTHING to get elected, has a history of reversing his policies, and is CLEARLY OUT OF TOUCH with anyone not in the upper class. Are they so convinced that President Obama has done them wrong that they would be willing to vote for Romney; a man very likely to forget what he campaigned for? Come on people! Stop telling me how much you want our president out of office. You won't get any "likes" from me when you share your political ideas.

I suppose this all brings me to one very simple question: if I am bothered by so much of what I see, do I really need to be on Facebook?

If I just up and left social media altogether my life would be just fine. Problems pop up every day that need my attention so less time reading the daily drivel of people I never really felt that close to should result in more time for me to take care of what is most important anyway. Life is too precious to spend living vicariously through the status updates of others. It's fun but ultimately worthless.

 Good bye Facebook. I'm un-friending you. Post that.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marriage Equality

If consenting adults want to marry one another, nothing should stand in their way. Stopping homosexuals from getting married is discrimination. It's just that simple and it's wrong.

Here's my problem with all those in opposition to gay marriage: where the HELL are they when they see teenagers drop out of school and have multiple children? The supporters of "traditional family values" have to know that those kids (i.e. "sinners" by the Bible's definition) will have a difficult life and it will be harder for them to compete for higher wages. The circle of poverty grows from there and succeeding generations surely will rely more on government help than through fighting for personal growth towards excellence. Shouldn't the opponents of gay marriage view immature and unwed teenagers starting families as a bigger issue and one that they need to be fighting against? Those folks just can't see through their hatred and bigotry for what is really killing "the traditional family". Gay men and women in loving relationships is not the problem. Stupidity is.

We sadly live in a nation that's getting dangerously less tolerant and increasingly dumbed down. This has to stop. Let all people in love take care of one another so that the rest of us don't have to.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Parenting Poetically

The baby at my feet is laid.
I fed her once, two poops she made.
There is no rhyme to this I fear.
My mind can't focus with her so near.

Trying to take care of junior while still have coherent thoughts and reasoning requires the use of all the brain cells I've got left. That ain't good. Of course as my luck will have it,  she's screaming/ velociraptoring  now. The tasks just got harder and my ears are ringing.

Isn't parenting wonderful!!!!

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you find my keys?