Friday, August 10, 2012


If Facebook is a venue to share our likes and comments, when is it acceptable to tell your friends that you dislike their posts?

Is there a wait and see approach that you need to adhere to; where you let others make affirmative comments before you slam your "friend" for having the mental capacity of a banana?

Can you just jump on someone immediately for his/her incessant need to post every detail including what their preferred brand of toilet paper is? I find myself wanting to un-friend people just because they post so often.

I'm also getting really frustrated with all my "friends" who feel the need to tell me how much they hate President Obama. I understand they are staunch Republicans who blindly follow party talking points, but could they just take a look at who they are supporting rather than who they want out of office? Mitt Romney WILL SAY ANYTHING to get elected, has a history of reversing his policies, and is CLEARLY OUT OF TOUCH with anyone not in the upper class. Are they so convinced that President Obama has done them wrong that they would be willing to vote for Romney; a man very likely to forget what he campaigned for? Come on people! Stop telling me how much you want our president out of office. You won't get any "likes" from me when you share your political ideas.

I suppose this all brings me to one very simple question: if I am bothered by so much of what I see, do I really need to be on Facebook?

If I just up and left social media altogether my life would be just fine. Problems pop up every day that need my attention so less time reading the daily drivel of people I never really felt that close to should result in more time for me to take care of what is most important anyway. Life is too precious to spend living vicariously through the status updates of others. It's fun but ultimately worthless.

 Good bye Facebook. I'm un-friending you. Post that.