Monday, July 25, 2011

Perpetual Motion has the temperature outside at a cool 103 degrees so I decided to shirk the parental duty of taking my kid outside to play. Instead, I am engaged in the act of adding another entry to this forgotten blog with the hopes that my mobile imagination station, known as Sami, plays in the other room; quietly, softly, and sitting down. Those three activities are all possible but sadly for me, just not very likely. She truly never stops moving, talking, or moving and talking. Unless of course if the TV is on.

As I finished that last sentence, Sami came rushing in here to tell me SHE was ready to play the Wii. Wonderful! So happy for her that she's come to that conclusion! Is it OK for me to not immediately get up and act on her desire or can I just sit here and finish writing? Of course not. We're all at her beck and call. She's 5 and I'm not.

Though I would really like to keep writing, I have to go now. My kid keeps brushing past me like a vulture and I'm the carrion. If I don't move, Sami won't leave me alone and if I act too quickly, she'll pull me into her vortex. I love her with all my heart and that which makes her who she is. Unfortunately, that makes me one tired pop and if I'm going to get any break at all from her, I need a nap more than I need to blog.

After the TV goes on, I can get some rest from the Energizer Bunny as she falls into a trance and finally sits down.

Click! Nighty night. Sami will wake me up when the cartoon goes off.