Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sing Along!

Sami's Hematoma Song
(aka: Jim's cathartic plea for Shrimp's forgiveness.)

You better watch out.
You better not trip.
You better not fall.
Daddy's gonna step on your hip.
Boo Boo Oaf will cause you some pain.

Daddy's playing with you.
And then you fall down.
He steps on your leg which turns purple and brown.
Boo Boo Oaf is at it again.

He didn't mean to squish you.
He loves to horse around.
He hasn't learned from past mistakes.
With your dad, accidents abound.

Oh! Your daddy loves you.
But he's a big klutz.
He's sad that you're bruised.
Almost stepped on your guts!

Boo Boo Oaf had a big co-pay.
Boo Boo Oaf got you an X-ray!