Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bounce This

On behalf of my immune system, I'd like to thank Bounce U. for giving me the horrible cold I have today. You generously provided the breeding ground that viruses and bacteria thrive on and without you, I'd be able to breathe through my nose, take deep breaths without coughing, and get a decent night's rest. Your bounce houses were too inviting to leave alone so I guess this was your way of reminding me that I am really too old to play in them. Message received. :(

Again, thank you, Bounce U. for a fun filled, birthday party Saturday and a crappy, bed ridden rest of the week. Unfortunately, I won't be coming back until my sinuses stop draining and my throat can handle swallowing without pain. If my health ever improves, I'll bring some sanitizing wipes with me in case you never saw them before. I might even show you how to use them; provided my strained neck and back feel better too.