Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marriage Equality

If consenting adults want to marry one another, nothing should stand in their way. Stopping homosexuals from getting married is discrimination. It's just that simple and it's wrong.

Here's my problem with all those in opposition to gay marriage: where the HELL are they when they see teenagers drop out of school and have multiple children? The supporters of "traditional family values" have to know that those kids (i.e. "sinners" by the Bible's definition) will have a difficult life and it will be harder for them to compete for higher wages. The circle of poverty grows from there and succeeding generations surely will rely more on government help than through fighting for personal growth towards excellence. Shouldn't the opponents of gay marriage view immature and unwed teenagers starting families as a bigger issue and one that they need to be fighting against? Those folks just can't see through their hatred and bigotry for what is really killing "the traditional family". Gay men and women in loving relationships is not the problem. Stupidity is.

We sadly live in a nation that's getting dangerously less tolerant and increasingly dumbed down. This has to stop. Let all people in love take care of one another so that the rest of us don't have to.

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