Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ramblings of a Sloppy Mind

Just about an hour ago I sat down to the computer because I thought I felt the urge to write.

Wasn't sure what I wanted to create but then again, I rarely do until my fingers start hitting keys.

I opened up Facebook and thought to myself " can shoot out a post and see who wants to tell you that they're there." At the very least I thought I'd see if anyone else felt the earthquake that shook us at 5:37 this morning.

A quick internet search found an earthquake article from the local ABC affiliate so I did a quick read and then posted it to my account.

Did anyone see it?

Did anyone care?

Am I alone on the www?

So why do I want to write? Loneliness. It has to be that.

How can a man with kids, a wife, friends, and neighbors be so damn lonely? I can't be.

I am.

Hiding inside me is a monster. It's creepy, sneaky, and well camouflaged....but it's there. I've known about it for a long time.

I've tried to warn others and felt my super powers could destroy it. Sadly, I'm a daydreamer and none of this is real.

But IT is.

Give the monster a name and it becomes real. Show it any mercy and it grows. Becomes completely entrenched. Starts spreading to loved ones.

I'm rambling like a fool but that's what it wants me to do. Can't concentrate on a cure if I can't concentrate enough to start concentrating.

So very not confused but wish I was.

God help me.

Disturbed by the lack of disturbances so as to become disturbing.

Derrick Coleman was me and I was not him.

Well.....that was....................interesting.

Just realized I had low blood sugar so I ate 5 mini muffins and a half bag of chocolate Teddy Grahams. Feeling much happier now.


I love sweet tea. Mint tea. Minty. Min-T

Still rambling.

I have to fold clothes now.


Colon right parenthesis.

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